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Genie Boom
Genie Scissor

Genie AWP™ Super Series™

Top-Selling Aerial Work Platform

Portable Genie® Super Series aerial work platforms are simple for one person to set up in minutes. A durable, lightweight design and compact size make them ideal personnel lifts for rental, light-duty construction and maintenance.

Easy to Transport

These units roll through standard doorways and are simple to load in a pickup truck. An exclusive rocker base system maneuvers around corners and over thresholds and debris.

Easy to Use

The patented rigid mast system offers user comfort and stability at working heights of up to 46 ft 4 in (14.29 m). Other features include ground and platform controls with auxiliary platform lowering for use in the event of a power outage.

Easy to Customize

Outfit your lift for specific applications with options such as three bases and six platforms, as well as AC, DC and air-motor power options.

Standard Features

• Rocker Base System for maneuverability
• Ground and platform controls with auxiliary platform lowering
• Small outrigger footprints
• Easy loading in pickup trucks
• Doorway access
• Outrigger storage pockets
• Sturdy tie-downs

Options and Accessories

• Three base options to choose from
• Multiple power options
• Largest selection of platforms in the industry
• Genie Super-Straddle

Standards Compliance

• ANSI/SIA A92.3
• CSA CAN3-B354.1
• CE compliance
• AS 1418.10
• PB-10-611-03


Genie IWP™ Super Series™

Stability without Outriggers

These lifts let you set up in seconds and work at heights of up to 35 ft 6 in (11 m) with exceptional stability — no outriggers needed. With two base options and six platform options, you can choose the ideal model to fit your application.

Doorway Access

The standard base model easily rolls through standard doorways, and wide-base models roll through typical industrial double doorways.

Stability and Capacity

A rigid aluminum mast, automatic level sensing and integral leveling jacks offer exceptional stability. Plus, the standard platform is one of the industry’s largest.

Additional Features

All models are equipped with an auxiliary platform-lowering feature for use in the event of a power outage. An outreach option provides over 2 ft (61 cm) of additional horizontal outreach (IWP™-20S) to maneuver over shelves or equipment.

Standard Features

• Standard base of 60 x 32 in (1.52 m x .81 m), easily rolls through standard doorways.
• Standard platform of 27 x 26 in (.69 m x .66 m), the largest standard sized platform in the industry.
• The most rigid mast in the industry, designed for strength, reliability and low maintenance.
• Built-in level sensing. A unique sensor system detects if the unit is not level.
• Power failure protection. All AC and DC models are equipped with an auxiliary platform lowering feature.

Options and Accessories

• Outreach package 26 in (.66 m)
• Power Wheel Assist
• Platform-locating laser light
• Warning light and descent alarm
• AC/DC power
• Platform options
• Fluorescent tube caddy
• Tool Tray
• Dual battery package

Standards Compliance

• ANSI/SIA A92.3
• CSA CAN3-B354.1
• CE compliance
• AS 1418.10
• PB-10-611-03


Genie DPL™ Super Series™

The Dual Work Platform for One or Two Workers and their Tools -
An Outstanding Value

These models roll easily through congested areas and offer ample space for two workers and their tools on the larger platform. They feature easy-to-use controls and exceptional stability, as well as auxiliary platform lowering.

Doorway Access

The DPL™ rolls through standard doorways with a handle for convenient steering. Swivel lock casters allow 360˚ rotation in confined spaces.

Smooth, Efficient Power

AC (110 V or 220 V) and DC (12 V) power options are available, offering clean, quiet operation for indoor or outdoor use. Platform-mounted GFCI 110 V electrical outlet is standard.

Simple Transport

Outrigger storage, forklift pockets and tie-down points help secure these units for easy transport, while winch attachment points are convenient for loading on roll-back trucks.

Options and Accessories

• Tool tray
• Fluorescent tube caddy
• 110V or 220V at 50/60 hz
• Operational warning light and descent alarm
• Platform-locating laser light

Standards Compliance

• ANSI/SIA A92.3
• CSA CAN3-B354.1
• CE compliance
• AS 1418.10
• PB-10-611-03


Genie GR™-12, GR™-15 and GR™-20 Runabout™

Self-Propelled Aerial Work Platforms

The Genie® Runabout™ is ideal for stock-picking, transporting, inventory management, general maintenance and construction. It’s a compact, low-weight machine that is driveable when fully elevated for maximum productivity.

Compact Access

These models fit in most passenger elevators and can be driven through doorways with the operator on board.

Driving and Steering

Zero inside turning radius, 30% gradeability, a spring-applied hydraulically released brake system and non-marking solid rubber tires enhance maneuverability.

Simple Operation

Platform controls include on-board diagnostics, and proportional lift and drive controls provide a smooth ride. Auxiliary platform lowering enables descent in the event of a power failure.


GRC 12 Series

GRC™-12: The contractor's answer to jobsite needs.

Need a portable, cost-effective lift for a wide range of heavy-duty jobs? The Genie® Runabout™ Contractor (GRC™) is built to deliver year-round with rugged, construction-ready features. The platform is big enough for two workers, plus, like all Genie® Runabout™ models, it practically turns on a dime and fits through small spaces with ease.

Contractor Tough

Demanding jobs are no problem for the rugged steel platform and covered telescoping mast. Durable, flexible ABS material also helps the rear access covers maintain their shape.

Room To Work

A standard extension deck offers up to 1,550 in2 (1 m2) of workspace, allowing for two workers in the platform and enabling jobs to get done faster. With 17.5 in (.44 m) of outreach, the GRC™-12 helps you get up and over obstacles.

Low Step-in Height

Swing open the gate and step right onto the platform – at just 15.5 in (.39 m) off the ground, it's one of the lowest in the industry.

Service Made Simple

Service the machine and get back to work fast with the help of onboard diagnostics and a simple design. You can detach the platform for service since it's not welded to the mast – or turn a few bolts to remove the mast lift cylinder when service is needed.


Quickstock Series

QuickStock™ your Stock

It's here! A safer and more efficient alternative to ladders for your employees. Pick and place with ease with the new Genie® QuickStock™ (QS) aerial work platform. With two great versions to choose from, the Retail (R) or Warehouse (W), you'll be sure to find the solution to your inventory stocking needs. Ideal for locations with high-density racking systems, the QuickStock™ lift has a small working envelope for maneuvering around corners, tight turning radius perfect for narrow aisle-ways, and can be driven while at height - removing the need to come down when moving is required. Offered in 12 ft, 15 ft, and 20 ft heights, both the 12 and 15 foot models come standard with a rear workstation tray, providing more work space.


Articulating Z™ Booms

Genie® Articulating Z™ Booms provide the ultimate in lifting versatility, with up, out and over positioning capabilities. Many options are available, including: two- and four-wheel drive; a rough terrain package; narrow access models that roll through standard double doorways; gas/LPG, diesel, electric, bi-fuel capabilities. Choose from models with working heights from 26 to 66 feet (7.9 to 20.1 m); horizontal reach from 8 to 34 feet (2.4 to 10.4 m).


Genie Scissor GS™

The New Genie Scissor GS™ Lifts are the best available. A competitively priced alternative to booms and portable aerial platforms, this line is built with the benefit of 30 years of experience and applied technology. The GS series is sturdy, offers narrow access capability, slide-out platform extension, quiet electric drives, rough terrain models, and working heights from 21 to 59 feet (6.4 to 18 m).


Telescopic Booms

Trailer Mounted Z™-Booms

Genie® Telescopic S™ Stick Booms set the industry standard for personnel lifts. With working heights from 46 to 131 feet (14 to 39.9 m); articulated jibs on the S-45, S-65, S-85, S-105 and S-125 models, and options including two- and four-wheel drive, rough terrain packages and multi-power capabilities, we give you just the lift you need.


Versatile Reach, Towing Convenience

These models provide the “up, over and out” working envelope of a Z™-boom with convenient built-in towing capabilities. They offer one of the industry’s best operating envelopes, with flexibility to reach jobs high and low. Lightweight and maneuverable, they’re ideal for congested jobsites and are frequently used by contractors, maintenance crews and painters. Special features include the exclusive Genie® Automatic Leveling System™ on all models and the Drive and Set™ option on the TZ™-50.

Easy Transport and Setup

With a variety of hitch coupler options, Genie® trailer-mounted Z™-booms are easily towed behind a pickup or SUV. Hydraulic outriggers with automatic self-leveling allow machine setup in as little as 40 seconds.

User-Friendly Controls

Both ground and platform controls feature an easy-to-use pictograph system, so operators can get to work quickly.

Productive Choices

Although rugged and heavy-duty, the TZ™-34/20 is lightweight enough to use on lawns, slate or gymnasium floors. Or choose the TZ™-50 for exceptional value with exceptional working range. The TZ™-50 also offers an articulating jib boom option for expanded working range, and the Drive and Set™ option for ultimate flexibility to position the unit quickly and efficiently.