A wide range of powered access solutions to customers in the UK and Worldwide!



Truck Mounted Aerial Access Platforms From 10m to 103m Working Height

The Skyking aerial access division of King Highway Products Limited was launched in 1996 when King formed a partnership with Italian truck mounted manufacturer GSR spa and soon became market leader in the truck mounted access market in UK. With CE marking becoming a requirement in 1997 the market was looking for a company with fresh ideas and excellent technical backup. By continually launching new models and establishing a UK distribution agreement with Wumag, We now have a comprehensive range of truck mounted product from 10m to 103metre working height. There are more than 1000 Skyking truck mounts operating in UK.

Van Mounts

We understand that different applications have different needs and therefore our range reflects those needs.


RA Range - articulated van mounts

A value for money solution for the widest variety of applications. Our RA range from 10 to 14 metre working height can be fitted on a range of vans - many under 3.5 tonnes GVW. Discuss your needs with us to find the best solution.


Telescopic Van Mounts

The latest 'point and shoot' models from Skyking are telescopic platforms with articulated jibs from 12.5m to 15m working height.


TJV Van mounts

Where a larger vehicle with greater working space is required our 179TJV - 7.5 tonner provides the answer and is a popular solution for street lighting contractors.


3.5 Tonne

We make no apology for making a special feature of 3.5 tonne vehicles with so many operators keen to avoid LGV driving licences. We offer as many of our model types as possible within 3.5 tonnes GVW. If you need to operate at 3.5 tonne talk to Skyking for advice.


3.5 Tonne Van mounts

Our Ford Transit 3.5 tonne based RA range is available at up to 12.5m working height. Out 12.5m telescopic range is also available fitted to Transit.


20m working height on Nissan Cabstar

The 200PX is a simple to operate and economical solution and ideally sited to bridge inspections, general maintenance and sign erectors alike. In fact for many in town construction solutions the 200PX is the answer.


Straight Telescopic

The T Range of straight telescopic Platforms from 14m to 21m working height is a basic no nonsense range of platforms that's simple to use and easy to maintain.



From 14m to 30m working height the TJ Range is our most popular range of platforms. Ease of operation, simple to maintain and which can be fitted on a wide range of vehicles. The 7.5 tonne 22m platform has proved popular with UK hire companies.


Pantograph Booms

This boom design has set a new standard in access platforms. Optimum height to weight ratio means that the greatest working heights can be reached on the lightest weight vehicles. 20m at 3.5 tonnes and 29m at 7.5 tonnes have made these models extremely popular with hire fleets.

Off Road

For off-road applications we can supply many Skyking models on a 4 x 4 chassis.


Land Rover 12m Pantograph

Land Rovers have become the Utility Vehicle of choice over many years. The latest Skyking Land Rover mount is sure to do the same.


4 x 4 applications for off-road use

Whatever the offroad application Skyking can find a suitable chassis application top meet your needs.