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Youngman - The BoSS X-Series

The BoSS X-Series is the new tough, professional, manually propelled range of micro powered access platforms from the Youngman Group, one of the world leading suppliers of innovative work at height solutions. This range of push around micro scissor lifts including the BoSS X2, BoSS X3 and BoSS X3X is designed for a multitude of tasks including general maintenance, cleaning, painting, and fit and strip out work they can be used on construction projects, in factories, in transport environments, shopping centres, retail outlets and in offices and offer numerous features and benefits including:

• Auto braking on fixed castors
• Tilt sensor; no stabilisers required
• Rigid and robust box section scissors with fully bushed joints
• Safety cut out on descent
• Audible alarm on descent
• Self closing gate with locking latch and transit gate lock
• Gate incorporates end toeboard removing trip hazard
• Safety and usage instructions mounted on guardrail
• Platform mounted handset control with emergency stop
• Secondary emergency stop button mounted on base
• Slip resistant deck incorporates lanyard point 
• Fail-safe props for deployment during maintenance
• Platform overload and pressure loss valves
• Emergency platform lowering mechanism
• Heavy duty powerpack, battery charger and battery
• Fit through standard doorways and into passenger lifts
• Serviceable components in slide out compartment
• Pull out storage drawer for cables and guardrail tools
• Wide forklift entry, hoisting and transit strap points
• Smooth roll castors with non marking tyres
• Anti static earthing strip
• Winching eye 
• Options include Confined Space Guardrail, Bumpers and Heavy Duty All Weather Protective Cover